High-performance grease for the lubrication of telescoping booms

STABYL TA is a semi-synthetic special grease based on lithium soap. Its special gliding properties are achieved by a combination of synergetically effective solid lubricants.

Field of application

STABYL TA is a grease especially developed for the lubrication of telescoping booms with the material combination steel on polyamide. STABYL TA possesses special adhesive properties. It is characterised by an outstanding weathering resistance and a very good breakaway torque. STABYL TA can also be used for linear guides and small gear boxes based on PA and POM.

TITAN UTTO TO-4 SAE 10W is miscible and compatible with CAT TO-2 oils, also as with conventional hydraulic fluids and engine oils, which makes it easy to change over to TITAN UTTO TO-4 SAE 10W.

TITAN UTTO TO-4 SAE 10W is miscible and compatible with conventionally branded UTTO´s, gear- and engine oils. However, mixing with other UTTO´s, gear- and engine oils should be avoided in order to fully utilise the product’s benefits. Therefore, a complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN UTTO TO-4 SAE 10W.

Older diesel engines can also switch to TITAN CARGO SAE 15W-40 and no flushing is required. The oil is miscible, and compatible with conventional branded engine oils.

Method of application

STABYL TA may be applied using compressed air spraying devices. It can also be applied manually using a brush or a roller.


  • Construction machinery
  • Machinery, equipment

Performance Features

  • temperature range: -40 / +140 °C
  • anti-stick-slip effect
  • very good adhesiveness
  • good corrosion protection
  • good worked stability
  • very good wear protection
  • water-resistant
  • excellent gliding properties for material combinations steel/plastic and plastic/plastic

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