TITAN 15w-40 Engine Oil

FUCHS TITAN 15w-40 Engine Oil

Fuel-economy engine oil for commercial vehicle diesel engines

Ultra-High Performance, fuel-economy engine oil for a variety of commercial-vehicle diesel engines. Specially developed for the latest-generation of Commercial, Construction and Agricultural vehicles that have extended service intervals, exhaust after-treatment and turbocharger.

Our changing world

TITAN CARGO SAE 15W-40 is an API CJ-4 oil, designed to offer performance benefits over API CI-4 and API CI-4 PLUS oils when using both 15 ppm and 500 ppm sulphur fuel. Qualification testing is conducted using both fuels.

Older diesel engines can also switch to TITAN CARGO SAE 15W-40 and no flushing is required. The oil is miscible, and compatible with conventional branded engine oils.


Protects exhaust gas treatment systems due to very low sulphated ash levels and low phosphorus and sulphur content.

  • Excellent wear protection, even under constant full load due to FUCHS’ new additive and base oil technology.
  • Highest neutralisation potential (TBN) in its class. Durable protection against aggressive acids and corrosion during the entire oil drain interval.
  • Reduced content of heavy metals. This minimises contaminant emissions.
  • Beneficial for older diesel engines.
  • Rationalisation of the latest generation Commercial, Construction and Agricultural vehicles.

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